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Extra Cab
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The Flatbed Body to Your Needs?

Carryboy Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of flatbed bodies and service bodies.

Work on your jobsite today.

Whether you're a rancher looking for a flatbed that can handle your demanding farm needs day-to-day, or your job requires frequent loading and unloading, we have the perfect flatbed for you.
Standard Pickup
Super Jumbo
Can choose the floor as you like.
Smooth Finish
Wavy Slate Roof

Large Loading Area

Flat bed truck accommodates freight with the maximum legal weight and dimensions.
Special flooring can be selected as desired.
Smooth Aluminum
Aluminum Checker Plate
Steel Tread Plate

Build & Customize Your Flatbed Body

Carryboy Super Jombo can transport the large cargo and odd sized loads that enclosed trucks cannot accommodate. A value price that is unsurpassed.


Super Jumbo allow for the fast and easy loading of oversized equipment, and other large items or freight. Flat bed trucks are essential in the industries of construction, farming, landscaping, and product delivery.

Flatbed Trailers

Whether you are hauling cargo, freight, shipment refer or materials, one of Superjombo’s flatbed trailers will make your job easier.
Premier cargo trailers to learn why Superjumbo is your best value decision.

Flatbed Truck

Superjumbo Trucks are typically used for large item or odd-shaped materials. Their unique bed design allows for easy loading when using forklifts and other like types of equipment.
* Carryboy Super Jumbo. reserves the right to change or modify the amenities, interior, exterior and specification at any time without prior notice.
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